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Grand Opening of DayDream Creations web site!

Posted on 06 May, 2015 in Convention information, Editorial notes, Fantasy themes, Historical themes, Uncategorized

Welcome to my  updated web site.  Thank you to my friend Tara for making my site a reality.  She not only set it up and created some of the graphics, she also taught this tech challenged artist to navigate and update my own site.  Yahoo! Thank you Tara!

My latest project was a scene that my friend Jana and I created for our doll club monthly meeting. I love our doll club meetings!  Our hostess chose Shakespeare as the theme, so Jana and I were inspired to create the Witches from MacBeth.

Knowing Shakespeare wrote the witches to be old and ugly, we decided our witches were the younger versions and just had not aged yet.

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Witches MacBeth

The witch in the center was Jana’s Lishe girl and she created her outfit.  The other two Lishe girls are mine, and I created the outfit for the girl in green and black.  For the dark haired Lishe, I took a phantom creations dress I had and reworked and added to it to create her outfit.  My favorite part of our themed events is creating the scenes for our dolls!  For this scene, I painted the backdrop and added the floral embellishments.  Jana knitted the shawls our witches are wearing, and contributed the great cast metal cauldron.  We also added lights and dry ice to the cauldron to make the smoke effect.  It was so much fun to see the smoke boiling up and over the cauldron.  The club’s reactions to the dry ice was fun to watch.

My next adventure is creating outfits for the Austin BJD convention the end of July.  Their theme is 14th century Italian Renaissance or fantasy.  So I have chosen to create Mid Summers Night Dream and Romeo and Juliet scenes.   So I will be creating fairy outfits, wings, and other fantasy items for sale as well as Italian Renaissance costuming!

Thank you for visiting my new site and I hope you will peek in to see teasers for the Austin convention.